In November 2007, we moved to new offices. The technical staff of BlueCompute, then employed by another company, worked with us prior to the move to help design a new server based system and linked telephone system to serve us over the next few years. They sourced and provided the hardware and software.
The operation went smoothly, with excellent co-operation with other contractors. Within a day of moving into the new office, we had limited computer access and the complete system was up and fully running within the first week.
Since then, that company’s technical staff provided system support to us and always responded rapidly and efficiently to our queries. This has included support during a transition from a paper based administration system to a tablet based system.
When they recently left that company, as they were our direct support staff and knew our systems, we chose to follow them to their new venture. They continue to offer fast reaction times especially as some assistance is required out of hours.
Importantly, they are a friendly group of people and feel part of the ‘family’ atmosphere we have tried to engender in our company.
We can recommend them and will happily respond to any query.

David Eddy
Field Support Team Manager, Building Monitoring Services