We previously worked with the technical personnel from BlueCompute for many years; our original business grew from a team of just 4 to 20 in a relatively short period of time and both Jim & Alex managed the essential IT growth necessary in an extremely efficient and effective way.  This included up to, during and following acquisition by a large multinational.  In fact the new owners were so impressed that they retained BlueCompute for on site IT services following the acquisition (despite the new owners having a sizable IT team in house).

Qa³ is our new venture that will provide technical consultancy to the oil and gas industry. I am very impressed with BlueCompute’s knowledge of the latest tools that can allow us to work flexibly and utilise IT services more commonly associated with much larger organizations at a sensible cost.  BlueCompute have also used their industry knowledge to help us achieve best value when building our new website.

David Walls
Technical Consultant, Qa³ Limited