Pre-Paid Support

Pay as you go support is perfect for small and medium sized businesses that want to maintain control over their IT spending. The systems is much the same as with a pay-as-you-go phone – hours support time is purchased in advance, in blocks as small as a single hour if required, and then used as and when required. Buying blocks of hours in advance gives a cheaper hourly rate and guaranteed response times. So long as you have pre-paid hours in credit then you are entitled to our first class service level agreements on helpdesk services, remote and onsite support and disaster recovery. You get guaranteed response times with NO monthly retainers. If you don’t need to use us you don’t pay. Pre-paid support never expires, so if you only need help once or twice a year that’s absolutely fine.

All support time is logged in our ticket management system, and you can log in online anytime to view up-to-date reports of issues raised and time used. Our honest, straightforward approach puts you in control so you can monitor ongoing issues and track how your IT budget is spent.

Thanks BlueCompute, you’ve saved me a ton of work! Found the dll file in the application log right where you said it should be, and after checking each driver found the faulty one. Uninstalled it and so far, so good.