Ad-hoc Support

If you are a small trader, or your computer systems make up only a small part of your business, you may not feel the need to enter a monthly or credit-based support contract. In this case our ad-hoc support is ideal – for a competitive hourly rate you get all the service and expertise that our larger customers enjoy, with no ongoing commitment. For our part, we’ll fix your problems, document your system and offer any advice required, swiftly and efficiently.

Our ad-hoc support isn’t just for micro-enterprises though – if you’re normal IT support is unavailable, or possibly even struggling to fix your issues, just give us a call to see how we can help. We’ll talk through the options and charges, and provide estimates of resolution time and then fix your problems in our trademark fast, competent style.

Ad-hoc work is carried out at our hourly rate (currently £75), with a minimum charge of just 0.5 hours.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.  We take pride in building systems that work as designed and modern, effective networks.  Your computer problems are our computer problems – we are genuinely passionate about the work we do and the incredible technologies that we work with. – Alex, Technician