Remote Workers

remote_workers_picNowadays people aren’t only working in the office, they can work at home, on  the train, or at client’s sites.  With the right infrastructure in place, a mobile workforce can be an efficient and productive one.

Remote workers need and expect to be able to access all their business resources from anywhere they can get internet access.  BlueCompute can implement secure and reliable VPN access for your remote workers
to access resources on the company network.

Web-based access can be an effective way of accessing email, databases or document management systems – Microsoft SharePoint, for example lets workers upload and download files and securely collaborate on web based document libraries.  Workers can even check out documents to work on when they are offline and then check them back into the document library when they are back online.

As well as ensuring access to all the tools needed to do their job, we can also assist with device security – how much of your company data could be lost or stolen when a laptop goes walkies?  Remote management and encryption guarantees the security of your data, and if the device isn’t recovered you can remotely wipe all confidential information from it.

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