Phones & Tablets

13486764_mBlueCompute can help your business select and deploy the right mobile devices and make them work for you.  Practically all of the devices available today offer full integration with your email system, syncing contacts, tasks, calendars and mail seamlessly (if correctly configured!)  A wide range of apps allow other practical functions such as note taking, dictation and document production and editing.


The main smartphone operating systems (Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows Phone) can integrate with most email systems.  Some are more obviously tailored toward specific systems – for example Android phones integrate best with Google Apps and Windows Phones work well with Microsoft Office 365.  Whether you are issuing workers with company phones or allowing them to use ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD), getting it setup right will save time, money and frustration.


Tablet PCs can be perfect for roaming workers such as engineers and auditors to use as a digital clipboard and upload and download jobsheets.  Tablets for sales staff project a professional, modern image and allow them to take notes as well as demonstrate software, show brochures or even display presentations on a projector.

As well as maintaining a backend/frontend tablet based task management system for a team of 30 mobile engineers, BlueCompute recently helped implement a SharePoint and tablet system for managing site-visit reports for a facilities management organisation.  Report templates can be downloaded to the tablet and filled in on-site, then the tablets can dock to a keyboard and screen when offsite for the reports to be finalised and uploaded back onto the SharePoint system over the internet.

Each business has different workflows and requirements.  At Bluecompute  we recognise this and believe that by identifying the right system for each client we can deliver great value-for-money and implement efficient systems that help our clients to grow their business.

Thanks BlueCompute, you’ve saved me a ton of work! Found the dll file in the application log right where you said it should be, and after checking each driver found the faulty one. Uninstalled it and so far, so good.