BlueCompute Helpdesk

helpdeskBlueCompute’s helpdesk services can provide you with expert technical support instantly, just a phone call away. It’s like having your own in-house IT department – we’ll get to know your systems and document your network so that every time you call, our techs will have the information at their fingertips.

Our helpdesk can offer in-depth troubleshooting expertise across a range of hardware and software including common (and some not so common) office, accounting and line of business applications. Using remote access technologies our team can fix the vast majority of day-to-day problems there and then while you are still on the phone.

All calls to the helpdesk are logged, with live reports of issues raised available via our web portal. These reports can be analysed to identify recurring issues and areas of your IT system that generate lots of support tickets. In turn this information can be used to drive intelligent systems development and budgeting.

Onsite Support

Our technicians can attend onsite to fix your problems if the helpdesk is unable to resolve them remotely. From our centrally located office we can be anywhere in Southampton, Totton or Eastleigh within 30 minutes, and further afield to Portsmouth, Bournemouth or Salisbury within an hour.

Site visits can be booked in advance, or are initiated reactively by the helpdesk. If the problem is caused by hardware failure we can often replace items from stock – we carry a range of routers, switches and components, allowing us to minimise time-to-fix.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.  We take pride in building systems that work as designed and modern, effective networks.  Your computer problems are our computer problems – we are genuinely passionate about the work we do and the incredible technologies that we work with. – Alex, Technician