Fixed-price PC Tune-up

medic-with-pcAs we’re sure you’ve noticed, PCs and laptops become slower overtime. This isn’t due to the properties of the hardware – it’s actually to do with the detritus that the operating system and software gather as time progresses. This includes toolbars, unwanted and unneeded software (that you usually didn’t even know was there) and “temporary” files that never get automatically deleted. It also includes fragmentation of the hard drive, where files are stored in many small chunks spread over the disk rather than in one continuous piece, along with a host of other issues.

Instead of describing in technical detail all the issues that can cause a PC to slow down over time, we’ll simply commit to making the PC perform at least 10% faster. This will be demonstrated in the form of faster boot times, faster application load times, faster web page load times and an overall improvement in the “responsiveness” of the computer in question. 10% is the minimum improvement we guarantee from this service – PC boot times and webpage load times can often actually be improved by 50% or more.

Here’s a brief summary of what’s included in this service:

  • Check for any latent Virus, Malware or Rootkit infection and remove as required
  • Remove temporary files and other disk space hogs
  • Ensure all Windows, Driver and Software updates are installed
  • Install antivirus and antimalware software if not already present, licensed and operational
  • Defragment all hard drives and check for physical and logical errors
  • Optimize all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) to reduce clutter and improve performance.
  • Optimize Windows start-up procedure
  • Remove a variety of well-known and less well-known performance hogs

We’ll test and record the following performance indicators before and after in order to quantify any improvements made:

  • Computer boot-up time from powered off to loaded desktop
  • Web browser start-up times, from the computer desktop to “Google” page loaded and ready to use
  • Page load times for a number of popular sites
  • Load times for Microsoft Office if installed

The cost for this service is a fixed price of £100 (ex VAT). For this price guarantee at least a 10% speed increase – if we don’t achieve this there will be no charge. This price assumes the PC or laptop will be delivered to and collected from BlueCompute’s Bitterne Park office. We can also collect, but we’ll need to make a small additional charge for this.

Thanks BlueCompute, you’ve saved me a ton of work! Found the dll file in the application log right where you said it should be, and after checking each driver found the faulty one. Uninstalled it and so far, so good.