BlueCompute are your one stop shop for IT related services. For more information click the links on the right. We can do pretty much anything, including:

  • Hardware and Software specification and supply at competitive rates
  • Network cabling – repairs, fault-finding and installation of smaller networks (<30 points)
  • Database management, integration and migration
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Helpdesk service, remote support and onsite support
  • Managed cloud anti-virus systems
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery implementation, monitoring, documentation and testing
  • User training
  • Systems and forms development
  • Website development and alteration
  • Citrix and Remote Desktop systems installation and management
  • virtualization, management of VMware installations and physical-to-virtual migrations
  • Network security auditing, also supply and configuration of hardware firewall, UTM, IPS devices
  • Network connectivity consultation and implementation, including VPNs (site-to-site and dial-in), a range of DSL services, 4G modems etc

Thanks BlueCompute, you’ve saved me a ton of work! Found the dll file in the application log right where you said it should be, and after checking each driver found the faulty one. Uninstalled it and so far, so good.