Sync Google Apps Calendar with Mac Calendar / iCal

You can sync a Google Apps calendar with a Mac calendar easily using the open standard CalDAV protocol (RFC 4791).  Once you’ve set up CalDAV sync between your Google account and your Mac, it’s best to refrain from syncing your calendar with your iphone using itunes; instead set up CalDAV on your iphone to pull the calendar contents down from Google.

To add your Google account to your Mac calendar, start by going to Calendar > Peferences > Accounts and clicking the ‘Add Account’ button:

calsync01 calsync02 calsync03

Enter the settings as follows:

Account Type = CalDAV

User Name = your Google Apps email address

Password = your Google Apps password

Server Address =

Then click ‘Create’:


Calendar will verify the settings online and then offer to also set up other Google Apps services on your Mac:


Your Google Calendar will now appear under Preferences > Accounts.  You can add your delegated calendars here (on the ‘Delegation tab!) and choose your sync frequency etc:


I would recommend selecting the option under Advanced Settings to automatically retrieve meeting invitations from your emails so that they appear automagically on your calendar:




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