Set up Google Apps Mail on Android Mobile Device

Setting up your Google apps account on an Android device is fairly straightforward.  These screenshots are from a Google Nexus device, but the procedure is the same for all Android devices:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Add account

GApps-screenshots 001

  • Select ‘Google’ > Existing Account

GApps-screenshots 003

  • Enter email address and password

GApps-screenshots 004

  • Accept terms + conditions

GApps-screenshots 007

  • Choose to set up Google Wallet, Google Plus, etc or skip

GApps-screenshots 009

  • Choose what to sync. I suggest allowing everything to sync, as this will essentially back up your phone data to the cloud:

GApps-screenshots 010


That’s it!   By default everything will sync both ways so that you can you can work seamlessly on your phone or computer.  You can set up multiple Google accounts on the phone and switch between them at will:

GApps-screenshots 011

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