Ninja Tools Web Round-up

More ninja tools revealed today – this collection of online resources really speeds up troubleshooting web related problems.  Need to know which company or ISP is associated with a given IP address?  No worries.  Want to find out who an internet domain is registered to?  Easy.   Who hosts a particular website?   Yup we have a tool for that.  Bookmark these:

  • – Microsoft’s Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer, allows you to quickly and easily test your Exchange setup, including inbound SMTP tests, autodiscover, Exchange Activesync and Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP).  This should really be your first stop for external autodiscover and activesync issues.
  •  – This is an independent resource covering everything email.  If you’re getting email spammed, bounced or going astray, this site will give you answers.  The massive selection of tools include utilities for: checking SPF records, looking up real-time blocklists, checking DNS MX records and PTR records, inbound SMTP testing and analysis and a a neat tool for analysing email headers: ninja-web1
  •  – This tool lets you query ‘WHOIS’ information for domain names.  This is a record of who owns (has registered and controls) a given domain, eg. is owned by Google Inc. and registered with MarkMonitor until February 2014.
  •  – This one (can you guess from the name?) lets you find out who hosts a given website – this is useful if you’re trying to retrieve an errant website for a client, or want to check who hosts websites for similar organisations.
  • – Having trouble accessing a webpage?  Wondering if everyone else is having issues too?  Use this site to find out if the site is down for everyone, or just you.
  • – A wonderful tool from the World Wide Web Consortium, this one goes over your webpages with metaphorical red biro and lets you know whether you’re producing good clean html, or messy markup!

And lastly, but by no means leastly

  •             – Which should really need no introduction.  If your server’s on fire, or you’re once again confused between speccing up the SuperSAN 8940 SSD or the MegaNAS3570 15K SAS, or indeed there’s anything sysadmin that you don’t know but would like to, go serverfault.

That’s by no means all of the useful web resources out there, just a few of the best and most interesting internet oriented ones.  It’s also about as much Ninja Tool as we’re prepared to give away in one go!  Please comment, let me know if these are useful, or if you know better sites or ones I’ve missed.  Ciao.

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