Ninja Tools #1:

Working in IT it’s not surprising that we set up a lot of computers each week – there’s new desktops that need the bloatware removed, OS reinstalls and custom built machines for customers.  We also tend to swap out our personal laptops every few months.  Installing and updating all the required software on these computers used to take up a considerable number of hours each week.  Not any more, thanks to’s crapware free multi-app installer.

Ninite lets you create and download a combined installer package that lets you install dozens of free, open source or trial applications with a few clicks.  You simply visit the webpage, check the boxes for the software you want to install and click ‘Get Installer’.


Ninite then produces a small executable that will download and install the latest version of each selected piece of software.  Not only that, but if you already have an older version of any of the applications then Ninite will bring them bang up to date.  Here’s one such custom Ninite installer:


Download and run this and you’ll see a neat little screen where you can watch the program doing the legwork for you:


The icing on the cake with this tool is that it is also smart enough to avoid installing bundled software (‘foistware’) – for example Java is still being bundled with the horrible Ask toolbar.  Ninite automatically prevents this sort of underhand installation and unchecks any ‘add-on’ boxes.


And that’s this week’s Ninja Tool, Ninite, and we really can’t recommend it enough.


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