Netscaler Troubleshooting – Live logging

In order to access Netscaler logfiles and view them “live” so that you can monitor changes as they happen while debugging, you’ll want to use the console. I use PuTTy for this, but any SSH-capable terminal emulator should work just fine. Fire up the terminal emulator, and enter connection details for your NetScaler device. You should be connecting to the NetScaler’s “Management” IP.


Then click “Open” and enter the login details when prompted – the default is nsroot/nsroot. You’ll then want to type in “shell” (without quotes) and press enter to load up the linux busybox shell:


The files we’re interested live in /var/logs, and are all files with a .log extension. With that in mind, the easiest way to view them “live” is to call the “tail” command, which outputs the last 10 lines of any file passed to it. We can also use the “-f” switch, which will cause it to monitor the files and print any new lines written to them to the console. Combining this information gives use the command “tail –f /var/logs/*.log”, which will print the last 10 lines of every log file in the directory, and update the screen as new lines are written:


You’ll notice I’ve increased the number of columns displayed by PuTTY to increase readability. Once you’ve got the Tail command running, you can try and repeat the operation that you’re attempting to debug and monitor the output – the newest lines written to the most recently changed file are always at the bottom.



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