Install Logmein on Mac for Remote Access

Logmein is a company that develops and markets remote access technologies.  Their two most popular products are Logmein Pro / Free, which is permanently installed on a PC to provide remote access, and Logmein Rescue, which is used by support professionals to provide one-time remote support without installing a persistent application.  This tutorial will walk you through installing Logmein Pro or Free on a Mac so that you can control it remotely through a web browser.

Install Logmein by downloading and running the remote access software from the internet.  Browse to and click the ‘Log In’ button top-right.  This should take you to the login screen:


Log in using credentials: Logmein ID: xxxx@xxxxx  Password: xxxxxxxx

 After logging in, you’ll be presented with one of 2 possible screens, depending on whether or not any computers have already been added to this LogMeIn account. If none have, you’ll see the screen below  – click the “Download and install software” button:


If computers have already been added, you’ll see the screen below – in this instance, click the “Add Computer” button:

This will start downloading the install package.  Once the download has completed, open the installer:


Accept the license agreement and select ‘Install’:


Enter your username and password when prompted:


The installer will prompt you to enter a computer description – please include the user so that we can easily identify which computer is which:


Once the installer has completed, ensure ‘Start Logmein’ is checked and click ‘Finish’.  The mac will now be accessible online via logmein:


Remote access is secured at two levels:

  1. The logmein remote access console requires a username and password to access;
  2. To remotely access a computer, a username and password for that computer must be provided.



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