GFI Mailarchiver restored emails never arrive

GFI Mailarchiver is a fully featured, Exchange compatible email archiving product.  It’s got some pretty nifty features, I should do a blog post about it one day.  Today we’re looking at when it goes wrong though.  This Mailarchiver install stopped restoring emails properly, or rather it would claim that ‘This email has been successfully restored’, when in fact it had not!  Naughty Mailarchiver.

Mailarchiver actually stores the archived mail in an SQL database (previously it used a Firebird Database).  When you restore an email from the database, Mailarchiver retrieves the mail and then sends it to the destination mailbox using SMTP.  If Mailarchiver’s SMTP settings are incorrect or corrupted, you might experience the following.

  • Restored emails don’t arrive in the destination mailbox. (Doh!)
  • Event ID 6702 , Source: MAR6Core is logged in the server application log:mailarchiver2
  • Files appear in the GFI\Mailarchiver\Core\SMTP\Retry folder.  These are emails to be restored that aren’t successfully sent:mailarchiver7

*In my case today, GFI wasn’t logging any error events in the log, but the filling up of the SMTP\Retry folder confirmed that it was an SMTP transmit issue

To resolve the issue, correct the SMTP server settings by logging into the Mailarchiver web interface and going to General Settings:mailarchiver6


If you’re struggling to get it to relay through exchange, try using a Mailhop account from Dyn – these are an excellent, affordable SMTP relay that will let you relay on many different ports from wherever you are with/without SSL.

Manually enter the correct settings for your SMTP server and click ‘Send a test email’.  You should now either get success or the event 6702 error.  If neither, try restarting the GFI Mailarchiver core and core2 services, then test again.

Reference: GFI Knowledgebase

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