Create Migration Endpoint for Exchange Online Staged Migration

In this blogpost we’re setting up to migrate from SBS 2008 / Exchange 2007 to Office 365 / Exchange Online.  This involves what is called a Staged Migration using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) to transfer the actual mailbox data.  At a high level, the process involves creating a ‘Migration Endpoint’ for Office 365 to connect to your on-premises Exchange Server(s) and then feeding CSV lists of mailboxes into the migration dashboard and initiating the move.  This post covers creation of the Outlook anywhere migration endpoint.

Since this process uses Outlook Anywhere, this must be configured and working correctly as a prerequisite.  Try the guides here and here to enable and configure, and then test using Microsoft’s Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer.  Now open up the Office 365 Exchange Administration Console and go to Recipients > Migration > More > Migration endpoints and click on the plus sign to add a new endpoint.


Select the type of migration endpoint (Outlook Anywhere) and enter the details requested:

  • An email address that will be migrated – this is used to test mailbox access during configuration
  • Account with privileges – usually a Domain Administrator, but it can be another user, in which case you must assign permissions as specified here
  • The privileged account you specify will be used to autodiscover the connection settings and test access to the mailbox specified above.

Click next and verify that the correct details have been populated in the next dialogue box:


Now that the endpoint has been tested you just need to define values for the number of concurrent migrations and supply a descriptive name for the endpoint.


Hit save and you’re done!  Now to actually start moving the mail, like postman pat…

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