Set Up Time Machine Backups in MacOsX

  • Access the Time Machine set up screen from System Preferences > Time Machine:


  • Use the ‘Select Disk’ option to add or remove backup destinations.  Use the ‘Options’ button to exclude and include volumes from the backup.


  • Adding a disk as a backup target is easy.  If you add more than one disk then you will be prompted whether to replace the current disk or use both.  If you choose to use both then Time Machine will back up to whichever drive is attached, and if both are attached it will back up to the drive with the least recent backup on it.


  • You can exclude volumes that don’t need to be backed up.  By default Time Machine will exclude any volumes on external disks:


  • You can also view the status of the running backup from this screen.  Remember that the first backup will take longest, as Time Machine has to copy all the data to the backup destination.  Subsequent backups will only need to copy files that have changed (‘differential backup’) and will complete in less time:


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