We like IT, and we also like making other people happy with their IT. The companies below have all worked with us for several years, over a wide range of projects, and are happy to recommend our services. All of the companies who’ve provided testimonials are also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our staff and services – if you’d like to get in contact with any of them to confirm what we say, please get in touch with us and we’ll happily arrange this for you.

You provide exceptional service from design of system, integration of components and installation of everything from wiring to add-on services such as remote back-up. I appreciate how you listen to the issue, diagnose and solve with the minimal involvement required of us. We want to focus on our customers and company and having you manage all of the IT has freed us up to do just that. Your service coupled with your rapid response makes you and your team an outstanding asset.
You have made for us what can be a complicated issue into one that simply works and there can be no higher praise for a system than its full functionality as and when required.

Sean Walton
CEO, Specialised Polymer Engineering Ltd

BlueCompute recently handled the migration to a new server for our business.
Through their consultation, recommendations and advice we have adapted our systems to be much more efficient, both financially and practically, so there has been a huge saving in the investment we had to make.
They are experts in dealing with business networks and have always been there to deal with any problems we have had.

Tony Swift
Marketing Director, Indigo Press

In November 2007, we moved to new offices. The technical staff of BlueCompute, then employed by another company, worked with us prior to the move to help design a new server based system and linked telephone system to serve us over the next few years. They sourced and provided the hardware and software.
The operation went smoothly, with excellent co-operation with other contractors. Within a day of moving into the new office, we had limited computer access and the complete system was up and fully running within the first week.
Since then, that company’s technical staff provided system support to us and always responded rapidly and efficiently to our queries. This has included support during a transition from a paper based administration system to a tablet based system.
When they recently left that company, as they were our direct support staff and knew our systems, we chose to follow them to their new venture. They continue to offer fast reaction times especially as some assistance is required out of hours.
Importantly, they are a friendly group of people and feel part of the ‘family’ atmosphere we have tried to engender in our company.
We can recommend them and will happily respond to any query.

David Eddy
Field Support Team Manager, Building Monitoring Services

We previously worked with the technical personnel from BlueCompute for many years; our original business grew from a team of just 4 to 20 in a relatively short period of time and both Jim & Alex managed the essential IT growth necessary in an extremely efficient and effective way.  This included up to, during and following acquisition by a large multinational.  In fact the new owners were so impressed that they retained BlueCompute for on site IT services following the acquisition (despite the new owners having a sizable IT team in house).

Qa³ is our new venture that will provide technical consultancy to the oil and gas industry. I am very impressed with BlueCompute’s knowledge of the latest tools that can allow us to work flexibly and utilise IT services more commonly associated with much larger organizations at a sensible cost.  BlueCompute have also used their industry knowledge to help us achieve best value when building our new website.

David Walls
Technical Consultant, Qa³ Limited

R&W have been working with the chaps at Bluecompute for many years and have always found them incredibly helpful and most importantly, very responsive. They offer very affordable and flexible IT support services to suit business requirements. They have helped R&W grow their IT architecture from a handful of PCs to 100+ laptops and numerous servers across a growing number of geographical locations in support of business growth.

Aaron Drury
IT Manager, R&W Civil Engineering and Traffic Management