What is “Results-based IT”?

“Results based IT” describes how we do business: we produce visibly beneficial results; we expect to be judged on our ability to produce those results; and we judge the success of a project on the results, not our profit.
Operating a results based company also means that we do not ‘upsell’ or use ‘pitches’. Instead we use our experience and expertise to define realistic, affordable systems that produce the results our clients need.
We believe that our success is because our clients trust us to provide a professional and honest service, time and time again. The results are systems that are flexible, scalable, reliable, efficient and easily maintained.

An Example

We had a client whose expansion had left them with a ramshackle network of diverse and aging hardware spread over 4 sites. They spent a significant amount on ‘fire-fighting’ IT repairs that added no value to their system.

We tailored a package that would consolidate their core business applications onto a hosted server, provide for easy replacement and upgrading of existing PCs and reduce administration costs. Crucially, the system would allow the IT budget to be diverted from costly break-fix maintenance to ongoing systems development.

The client was pleased with the proposal, but wary. “Why would you propose such a system?” they asked, “When it will reduce the amount of work we need to pay you for?”
The answer was easy for us: “The results. That’s what it is based on. This system will lose us some break-fix business in the short term, but you will have a better system. It will allow your company to grow, and then there will be work. You will recommend us to friends and colleagues and there will be work. And the system will be one in which we can take pride.”

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.  We take pride in building systems that work as designed and modern, effective networks.  Your computer problems are our computer problems – we are genuinely passionate about the work we do and the incredible technologies that we work with. – Alex, Technician